Double Cleansing Method

washing your face
What is double cleansing?

An oil or, cleansing balm is used to break down any sunscreen, makeup and sebum on the skin. Oil dissolves oil best, this is why an oil-based cleanser is used.

When oil cleansing, as you massage your face, you may notice that oil plugs (also known as 'grits') slowly come away from your skin. These are called sebaceous filaments. Sebaceous filaments are tiny collections of sebum (oil), dead skin cells that surround hair follicles. Sebaceous filaments are naturally occurring and they help your body to distribute oil to the surface skin. If your skin produces too much oil and your pores become clogged bacteria and dirt, sebaceous filaments can turn into blackheads.

The oil cleanser is then followed by a water-based cleanser. The water-based cleansers contain surfactants and are used for a deeper cleanse of the skin. the water-based cleanser removes things like sweat, dead skin cells and generally removes impurities from the pores. Water based cleansers come in three main forms. These are: cleansing waters (like our micellar cleanser), foam cleansers and gel cleansers.

What are the benefits of double cleansing?

We all know how hard it is to remove things like makeup and sunscreen. The first cleanser breaks down dirt, sunscreen, makeup and oils on the skin. This allows the second cleanser to work more effectively.  The second cleanser will provide a deeper cleanse or exfoliation. Thoroughly cleansing your skin allows for other skin care products, such as toners and serums, to work more effectively 

Double cleansing is also great for removing some pollution from the skin after going outside. This is especially important if you live in the city or any area with high pollution levels.

Can I use the double cleansing method if I have acne?

Yes! Double cleansing with acne or acne-prone skin can be really useful. By double cleansing, you are cleaning the skin thoroughly. This allows your acne cleanser and any acne treatments that follow to penetrate the skin deeper and work more effectively.

Can I double cleanse if I have dry skin?

Yes! Double cleansing can work if you have dry skin. Be sure to choose a non-drying gentle cleanser. Follow up with a toner and a serum (both optional). Make sure to finish with a super moisturising moisturiser. You will want to go for moisturisers with moisturising ingredients like hyaluronic acid and humectants like glycerine that draw moisture to your skin.

What are the cons of double cleansing?                  

  • Double cleansing twice a day can dry out your skin
  • Double cleansing, even once a day, with the wrong products can cause skin problems
  • Purging- Double cleansing can cause purging for some people. However, purging normally clears between 4-6 weeks after it begins

Double cleansing night-time routine:

During the daytime you normally wear things like sunscreen and makeup. So, double cleansing is best left for the end of the day. Double cleansing in the morning is unnecessary in most cases, especially if you double cleansed in the evening before.

Wash your hands!

Always start your facial routine with clean hands.

Oil cleanser

With one tea spoon of your oil of choice (or whatever amount is recommended on the packaging of your oil cleanser) massage oil or cleanser into your skin. Do this for up to 60 seconds.

Check out our blog post on oil cleansing for more on the best types of oil to use for your skin type.

Gentle cleanser

Splash your face with water. Use a dime sized amount (size of a 5p coin). Work the cleanser between your hands and then massage it into your face and neck. Remove with a damp cloth or your hands and lukewarm water.


Toner, serum and a spot treatment (all optional)


End your routine with a moisturiser, preferably a night cream