Why You Should Be Using Reusable Cotton Pads

Here's why you should be using Reusable cotton pads...

The facts:

  • if you use 2 cotton pads a day, one during the morning and another in the evening. That’s 2 pads per day and 730 a year that all goes into landfill.
  • Mixing process used to create cotton pads mean that they do not biodegrade
  • They come in little plastic bags or sleeves- so that’s plastic waste too!

The benefits of using reusable cotton rounds:

They are plastic free. No more plastic packaging and none of the plastics that some disposable cotton pads contain.

Cotton farming is not that environmentally friendly, by choosing reusable you can actually help to reduce cotton farming. Most reusable cotton rounds are made from cotton or a mix of cotton and hemp or bamboo.

Reusable cotton pads are generally more environmentally friendly than disposable ones as they can be reused, upcycled and recycled.

Buying reusable ones will save you lots of money each year. If you use 2 disposable cotton pads a day, that means you will use around 730 pads a year. Most disposable cotton pads come in packs of 100-200, meaning you will have to buy between 4 and 8 packs a year. When you buy our reusable cotton rounds, you can just buy one pack and you can then reuse them for at least 2-3 years if you take care of them properly.

4 different uses for reusable cotton rounds:

Cleansing your face

Reusable cotton rounds can be used with cleansers and toners to cleanse and hydrate your face and neck area.

First aid

Do you have a small cuts or graze? Small cuts or grazes that are not infected can be cleansed with reusable cotton pads, disinfected and then used again. You may want to keep these ones separate from the ones that you use to cleanse your face, your first aid box is a great place to store them.

Doing your nails?
Wearing nail polish? Yes, you've guessed it! You can still use them to remove nail varnish this too.

Bath bath time?
You can use them to clean your baby in the bath or outside of the bath, they are soft and gentle enough for your little one's skin

    How to wash your reusable cotton rounds:

    White vinegar is great for removing stains from reusable cotton rounds. White vinegar is also a great eco-friendly fabric softener and helps to clean your washing machine too which is a bonus. Soak the pads in vinegar for up to 15 minutes and then throw them in the washing machine.

    A dab of detergent or cleanser can help to remove and stains from your cotton rounds. Wet the cotton round and then scrub with another pad or use the pad on itself. Then wash in cotton wash bag.

    Washing up liquid. You’re probably confused about this one but, it works great when removing stains on whites. Try it! Wet the cotton pad and add a small amount of washing up liquid, work it in with the other end of the pad or, another soiled cotton round. You can then throw them into a wash bag and put them into the washing machine.

    Bicarbonate soda (also called Sodium Bicarbonate) is another great stain remover. Mix it with vinegar, lemon juice or even water until it forms a paste. Spread the paste onto the cotton round and follow the steps listed for the washing up liquid.

    Top secret tip: Skip the the fabric softener when washing your face cloths, towels and reusable cotton rounds. Skipping the fabric softener will make them more absorbent and help them to last longer too.

    If you haven’t already, grab yourself some reusable cotton rounds, £8 (7 Pack) and an organic cotton wash bag. 

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