Our 8 Top Summer Skincare Tips

8 Top Summer Skincare Tips

Summer is here!

We all love summer. Especially in the UK, where  summer is the only time we get to enjoy warm weather. Many of us are in such a rush to get out and enjoy the few days of sun that we have, that we sometimes forget to follow essential skincare steps.

If you are unsure about what you should be doing for your skin this summer, we’ve got your back...

Here are our Top Summer Skincare Tips:

Here are some things everyone needs to include in their skincare routines.

1. Cool Showers

Summer skincare tips, cool showers

Taking cooler showers provides relief, especially when you get home from a long day of soaking up the sun. Cooler showers are also a great temporary relief from that sweaty, clammy feeling you get after moving around a lot during those higher temperature days.

2. Scrub! Scrub! Scrub!

Summer skincare tips, coffee scrub

When you’re in the shower don’t forget to Scrub! Scrub! Scrub! Exfoliate dead and dry skin cells away using one of our sugar scrubs. Areas of your body that you should be focusing on are the legs, armpits and bikini area. You should be exfoliating 2-3 times a week. Especially the day before and the day after shaving.

 Exfoliating regularly during the summer will also help you to achieve a longer lasting and more even tan. Bonus!


3. Put down those greasy butters!

Summer skincare tips, body lotion

 Heavy Butters can stop the skin from breathing, especially during the summer months. Butters with ingredients such as petroleum jelly can increase sunburn (based on personal experiences).

Switch to lotions, especially light lotions during the summer months. Light lotions contain water which will help to hydrate your skin. If you suffer from dry skin, you can always reapply as needed.


4. Everyone needs sunscreen!

Summer skincare tips, SPF sunscreen

Different sunscreens are made for different skin types and different activities. For example, if you are swimming, buy a sunscreen made specifically for swimming. To find out which sunscreen is best for you, ask a dermatologist for advice. If you don’t have access to a dermatologist, make sure to read the sunscreen description carefully to see if it’s suitable for your skin. Often, children and people with sensitive skin will need a sunscreen with a higher SPF.

There is a common belief that black people do not need Sunscreen. However, this is not true. As a general rule, the darker your skin is, the lower the SPF needed. Don’t forget that if you have sensitive skin or, burn easily, you will still need a higher SPF regardless of complexion.

We recommend Black Girl Sunscreen

Don't forget to reapply your sunscreen as instructed by the label of your sunscreen.


5. Don’t forget your hat

Summer skincare tips, sun hat for sun protection

Wide brim hats are a great way to protect your head and face from getting too much sun exposure. They also look really cool with sunglasses and a chic outfit.


6. Stay hydrated

Summer skincare tips, drink water for clear skin

Drink lots of fluids, especially water. Drinking lots of water helps to keep you and your skin hydrated. Many scientists recommended drinking around 8 glasses of water a day.


7. Eat the right foods

Summer skincare tips, add more fruit to your diet

Sometimes you drink so much water that you just feel like you can’t drink anymore. Foods such as watermelon, pineapples, grapes cucumber, etc. Are a great foods to eat lots of during warmer days. They contain a higher water content allowing you to take in more water.

Pro Tip: Frozen grapes are a great summer snack

Tomato rich foods are also great foods to eat during the summer as they are rich in antioxidants.


8. Post Sun TLC

Summer skincare tips, after sun lotion and aloe Vera gel

After a long day in the sun, after sun lotions are a great way to give your skin some much needed TLC. 

After sun lotions provide your skin with relief and can sometimes help your skin to heal after being out in the harsh sun.

If you don’t want to use after sun lotions, you can always swap them for Aloe Vera jelly.


Now that you know our 8 tips, you’re ready to go out and enjoy the sun!