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What is a Konjac sponge?

What is a konjac sponge?
Konjac sponges are super soft sponges that are a great addition to all skincare routines. They are extremely soft, kind of like what you imagine a cloud would feel like. Want to find out more about konjac sponges? Check out our blog...

Eat Your Skin Care, Literally!

6 Foods to eat for good skin and good hair
A good diet is very important for healthy, glowing skin. Having a healthy, balanced diet is the best way to compliment your daily skin care routine. Check out our latest blog for 6 vegan and vegetarian friendly foods you can eat for healthier, glowing skin.

How To Work Out Your Skin Type

How To Work Out Your Skin Type

Struggling to find out the right products for your skin?

Check out our guide to finding out your skin type. Once you discover your skin type, you can then pick the right products to perfect your skincare routine.

Double Cleansing Method

All about the double cleansing method
What is double cleansing? An oil or, cleansing balm is used to break down any sunscreen, makeup and sebum on the skin. Oil dissolves oil best, thi...

How to Get Rid of Maskne

How to Get Rid of Maskne
Mask acne, also known as ‘maskne’, is something that a lot of people are experiencing since masks have been made compulsory. Check out this blog to find out what could be causing your Maskne and how you can stop it.

Oil Cleansing 101

Oil Cleansing 101
Thinking about adding oil cleansing to your daily skincare routine? Oil cleansing can sound frightening and especially for people already struggling with oily skin. Done properly, oil cleansing can normally be used on any skin type with success and once you try it you may be hooked! What is oil cleansing and how does it work? Check out our latest blog to find out!