Our 6 Top Tips For Keeping Your Skin Looking Fabulous This Winter


Our 6 Top Tips For Keeping Your Skin Looking Fabulous This Winter

Here are our best tips for keeping your skin looking fresh and radiant this winter.

Avoid Hot Showers

As amazing as hot showers are, they tend to dry out your skin. This is because hot water will evaporate from your skin quickly, leaving it dry.
Opt for a warmer shower. Lower temperature showers are less likely to strip your skin of it’s natural oils. Warm water also evaporates at a slower rate when compared with hot water, leaving your skin feeling hydrated for longer.


Now that it’s winter, you should be using more gentle forms of exfoliation. Pack away your coarse shower accessories. Try switching to a Konjac Sponge instead. Konjac sponges provide gentle, yet effective exfoliation.

Creams and Butters

It’s time to ditch those lotions. Now that it’s winter you should be using body creams or body butters. Thick creams and body butters will help to lock the moisture into your skin for longer.
After your bath or shower, pat your skin dry. Then Massage in your favourite cream or butter.
Winter skincare for hands

Moisturise those Hands!

We wash our hands on average around 6 and 8 times per day (or more depending on your daily activities), often using harsh antibacterial soaps. Many of us also use hand sanitizers, which contain a high alcohol content. Both antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers can cause our hands to become dry quite often. 
To keep your hands moisturised this winter, opt for a intense moisture or hydration hand cream. Be sure to cream your hand every time you wash them. 
Lip balm

No More Chapped Lips

Our lips can become dry and chapped more easily in extremely hot or cold weather and during seasonal transitions.
Drinking lots of water will help to keep your body, especially your lips, hydrated in harsh winter weather.
In the night time or before your morning shower, apply a lip butter or petroleum jelly to your lips. After showering, Scrub your lips with a lip scrub. Follow with a lip balm. Don’t forget to keep a lip balm with you, so that you can reapply throughout the day as needed.

Let Your Skin Breathe

In the winter months we tend to layer up. Often wearing t-shirts or vests, followed by sweaters and heavy, winter-proof coats and jackets. 
Allowing your skin to breathe is extremely important for healthy and radiant skin.
Why not try breathable fabrics such as cotton this winter?
Follow our six top tips for maintaining healthy, radiant skin this winter.