The Fight Against Coronavirus

The Fight Against Coronavirus:

Soap vs. Hand Sanitiser


Washing hands in the sink

You’ve heard it on the news, in videos and in passing conversation. Ordinary soaps, the same product you use every day, is now our biggest weapon against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why is everyone stocking up on hand sanitiser?

Using hand sanitiser to kill microorganisms on the hands

Hand sanitiser, alcohol sprays and products containing alcohol are in short supply as people are panic buying them. This is because alcohol solutions that are at least 60%, have been proven to be to kill the virus. However, it does not actually remove it from surfaces, unless it is used with a wipe.

Please bear in mind that soap and water are recommended over hand sanitiser. Sanitisers are best used when you cannot use soap and water there and then.

Our Sudsy Saviour: A Simplified Explanation

Using bar soap to wash hands

Here is a simple explanation for how soap kills the Coronavirus. The virus particles are enveloped within a fatty layer. Soap dissolves the fatty membrane (outer lining in this case) causing the virus to fall apart and as a result become inactive.

Soap is much more effective when compared with alcohol as it works right away. Whereas alcohol can take much longer, especially if the product being used has a higher alcohol content.


How To Wash Your Hands Properly

NHS hand washing technique for washing hands properly

 (Image Source: NHS)



Using soap and water will not stop you from getting infected with any viruses. However, the use of soap and water will significantly reduce the risk of becoming infected with and viruses.

Please note: the information above is NOT medical advice. Please ensure that you are following the up to date prevention advice from the relevant appropriate medical professionals in your country.