organic cotton face cloths
Organic Cotton Muslin Cloths (3 Pack)
organic cotton muslin cloths

Organic Cotton Muslin Cloths (3 Pack)

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Made with organically grown cotton. This soft cloth can be used with one of our facial washes or scrubs. It can also be used with warm water to clean your face.


How to use:

With warm water, wet muslin cloth. Squeeze/ drain excess water.

Use it with our facial scrubs:

If you are using it with a face wash or scrub. Rinse face. Massage a small amount of face wash or scrub into your face, in a circular motion. Using wet cloth, gently wipe away face wash or scrub. Rinse cloth and wipe face again if necessary. Then, rinse cloth thoroughly and hang to dry.

Use it with water:

Using wet cloth, gently massage face in circular motion. Rinse cloth thoroughly and hang to dry.


Alternative Uses:

  • Washing babies
  • For washing your body in the bath/ shower
  • Makeup wipes


Taking care of your muslin face cloth...


For hygiene purposes, wash your muslin face cloth regularly. Preferably with an eco-friendly washing detergent. Allowing your face cloth to dry naturally. (Please note, you may experience slight shrinkage after washing, especially at higher temperatures).

Do not bleach your face cloth.

If you iron your face cloth. Iron on the setting recommended for cotton.


*Material: 60% organic cotton, 40% Bamboo fibres

3 Cotton muslin cloths. Approx. 25x25cm each.